Working Tools

There appears to really be eRepublik tool these days. It is eRepublik MaxiHellas. Here are the tools it supports:

Page NameURL
Fighters Stats Per Day
Fighters Stats Today
Fighters Stats Best Fighters
Fighters Stats Biggest Influence per Fight
Fighters Stats Military Medals
World Stats New Players per Day
World Stats Users per Region
Countries Stats Per Day
Countries Stats Today
Countries Stats Best Countries
Countries Stats Best Country Fighters
Citizens Main Stats
Citizens Medals
Citizens BH Damage Calculator
Citizens Search (from stats)
Citizens Find Citizen (from name or id)
MU Stats Best Military Units
MU Stats Per Day
MU Stats Today
MU Stats Update stats from API
Parties Search Party
Friends/Armies Stats Create New List
Friends/Armies Stats Search for List
Friends/Armies Stats Per List
Friends/Armies Stats Per Day
Friends/Armies Stats Today
Update stats from API
Time Machines Create - Manage - Find
Time Machines Latest Time Machines
Time Machines per List
Active Battles View Active Battles
Search User
Search Party
Search List
Search Time Machine