Game Overview

eRepublik is a game that combines the economy, military, politics and news into an intriguing online MMO game. Each of these sections has its own module which defines how the game is played.

Economy Module

The economy module is really the driving force behind the whole game.  Without the economy module, there wouldn't be weapons to fight, or political issues to wrangle over.  The economic module is fairly straightforward.  Initially, You select a company to work for, and you work the day for the company.  You get paid, and with those proceeds you can buy food, to keep your citizen alive, or weapons in which to fight.

Once you have gathered some money, you can purchase land and then companies to put on those land.  You then are able to work in companies yourself, as well as hire employees to work them for you.  Thus giving you product, which you can sell or use yourself in the game.

Military Module

Each day you have the option of not only working, but also the opportunity to fight.  There are battles happening all over the world, and you can choose to fight for your own country, or for one of your allies, throughout the world.  So, in eRepublik, you can work in Canada, fight in Japan, and be ready for work the next day in the Canada, all in the same day.  There are 6 different types of weapons ranging from a handgun to a futuristic tank. 

When you fight, you are clicking a button, and putting damage towards a battle total.  It appears initially to be PvP, but this isn't the case, as players are just randomly selectedly to appear they are fighting directly against you, but this isn't the case.  As you fight, your health depletes, which can be replenished by eating food.  There is a limit to the amount of food you can eat, and then you have to wait at least 1 hour for this limit to be available again.

They have added in bazookas, as well as energy bar, to add some variety to the combat scenario.

Political Module

The political module allows for each country for vote for their president and congress.  Each country is divided into regions, which then have congress members.  Also, there are political parties that too can be voted on by party members.  The elections happen each month on the same day, so that politicians are constantly moving in and out of their positions.  The politicians then propose laws which are voted on, and if passed are then rule in the country.  The politics extends to other countries as wars are declared and peace agreements offered.

News Module

Every citizen has the opportunity to have their own newspaper if they wish.  They can then write about the different aspects of the game.  The newspapers are a way that politics gets discussed and PR battles are fought.  The newspapers are a great way to get a better feel for what is going on in eRepublik.